ACM meeting – Tuesday December 5

Iribe Center University of Maryland 8125 Paint Branch Dr, #1207, College Park, MD, United States

Hello Everyone, the next ACM meeting will be on Tuesday 6:30-7:30 at IRB (Iribe) 4105. We'll be hosting Professor Justin Wyss-Gallifent for a lecture on quaternions! This is an amazing […]

ACM Kickoff Meeting

IRB 1207 8125 Paint Branch Dr, College Park, MD 20742, College Park, United States

Join us for the inaugural meeting of the semester in collaboration with ACM DC as we kick off with a very relevant talk on navigating the current tech economic downturn. […]

ACM General Body Meeting – Intro to Quantum Computing Workshop

Quantum computing leverages quantum mechanics to process information in ways that classical computers can't, potentially solving complex problems much faster than ever before.In general computing, information is represented using bits, […]

Alumni Callback – Syed Asad Musa

Join us on Tuesday for our next meeting with  Syed Asad Musa! A UMD Computer Science Alum, OMSE Academic Excellence Awardee and former treasurer of the ACM! April 16 | […]

Speaker – Dinesh Manocha: Research in AI and robotics

Join us on Tuesday for our next meeting with Dr.Dinesh Manocha: Paul Chrisman Iribe Professor of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering and Distinguished University Professor During the session, […]

ACM GBM – Multimodal LLMs – Sreyan Ghosh

Join us on Tuesday for our next meeting with Sreyan Ghosh! A CS PhD candidate at UMD. During the session, Sreyan Ghosh will talk about Multimodal LLMs and their applications. […]